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The Project

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A major part of our planet is covered by water, water connects the continents and since thousands of years boats and ships are used to transport men and goods over the seas. There were fought battles on water and the conquest of the seas meant power and strength, sic “ Britannia rules the waves”, documenting the might of England as the foremost country ruling the seven seas over centuries.

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Therefore I choose a boat to travel over the seven seas and to report about this journey. It is a sailing boat, powered by the force of the wind, as were the Egyptians and Polynesians boats since ancient times. It carries its crew from port to port, from country to country and follows the direction of the prevailing winds.

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There are interesting things to report about each destination, events like sailing regattas and races are it with horses, cars or camels. There are people to get to know and meet, local way of living and kitchen, architecture, art and music. Each country has its specific ways, culture and history. To report about all these in word and picture, to have the time to get deeper into local society and originality than the normal tourist is the target. There will be a very diverse series of films presenting an individual picture of men and country and on the other hand showing international lifestyle following the motto: variatio delect – variation is delectable.