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The Crew

Rolf Versen

Rolf Versen - Skipper

Twelve years old I found the old Klepperboat of my father under the roof and in another sack there was a sail, a mast and a pair of side swords. The hull happily repaired with the help of a kit from the Klepperwerke I set of for sailing by learning by doing on the lake Berta in the south of my hometown Duisburg. Soon to be followed by a proper sailing school at the Chiemsee in Gollenshausen. Came in the H-Jolle and a couple of years of serious Regatta sailing. Due to lack of time there were a couple of motorboats in the following years, culminating in the construction of the 62 foot Ultimaratio 1991/92, entirely in carbonfibre/honeycomb with water jets and hydrofoils, top speed of almost 40 knots. And ‘92 was the year of my world record with her from London to Monte Carlo in 89 hours. Since 1973 I took part in historic racing, first with Austin Healey and then with AC Cobra with numerous victories. I was also very attracted by airplanes and crossed the Atlantic with a 1944 Beechcraft biplane in 1987, an extremely exciting and unforgettable tour in 6 days and 32 flying hours. All this was financed after highschool, university and doctorate by hard work. I wrote four books about travel, historic car rallies and culinary, which were published in the own SavoirVivre publishing house.

And now finally its back to sailing…...

Joachim & Vincent

Vincent Brügel
- First mate, cameraman & cutter -

Joachim Drügg
I was always addicted to water and sailing, adventure, technique and people were absolutely tempting for me. From the ship’s equipment to the maiden voyage to the crossing of the Atlantic I have accompanied the project intensively and with great engagement. Camera and cutting I have acquired during my time with Motorvision and used on board and at all destinations. I was engaged from February 2008 until July 2009 and filmed 12 full episodes.
For the short web-clips I did cutting and sound onboard Fortuna. Now I am onshore again, but you never know…..

Vincent Brügel
Although being a man from Hamburg I came to real sailing for the first time in my life on board Fortuna and I enjoyed it thoroughly, learned quickly the duties of the first mate and have finally covered 5000 nautical miles. From November 2009 on Barbados the journey took 6 months until we laid up the boat for the hurricane season in Fort Lauderdale. The filming of exotic destinations with interesting people and culinary delights was job and challenge all the same and I would not like to miss this wonderful time in my life.