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The Boat

The Boat

After thorough research and many considerations regarding the „right“ boat I made the decision for a catamaran. Upright sailing and more living space on board were important points and the disadvantage of worse tacking abilities compared to a monohull were more than outweighed by stability with the wind from behind on the long Passat-passages and easy handling with the regular crew of two.

The budget finally lead to Beneteau and Lagoon and the 420 fulfilled almost all desires. Pictures and general arrangement plans speak for themselves. The yard does only deliver a very limited number of options and therefore it was necessary and possible to individualize the boat with special upholsteries and sun blinds around the cockpit carefully made by Ruchaud. Charger, inverter and large batteries were installed by a specialist and a large alternator with 150 amps plus eight solar-cells on top of the Bimini provide plenty of energy without a genset. A water maker will be added later and by then total independency will be achieved.

A dinghy made by Caribe with 20 hp Honda takes us from the anchorage ashore and to honor the “rheinisch diminutive” it was named “Fortünchen” which means little Fortuna.

And if you are not in a hurry you may follow the saying”gentlemen always sail downwinds”